Plover Program Wins Environmental Commissioner of Ontario Award

The dedication of Wasaga Beach Provincial Park and MNR staff, the Friends of Nancy Island and Wasaga Beach Park, and many volunteers has been recognized by the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario this year for their work protecting the endangered Piping Plover species.

Prior to 2006 Piping Plovers had not successfully nested on the Canadian Great Lakes for over 30 years and had no breeding success in the park in over 70 years. Bradley Fauteux, Ontario Parks Managing Director, said “protecting this species in the middle of one of Ontario’s busiest beaches is no easy feat and the success of the program is a testament to the hard work of the Plover Program team.”

Enjoy some of the photos taken by Plover Guardians over the years:


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  1. Great fun game— fabulous plover pictures…. looking forward to more….

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