A Piece of Wasaga’s History Donated to Nancy Island

This past July, Nancy Island Historic Site was excited to receive a donation of an important piece of Wasaga Beach’s rich cultural history; a piece of wood planking that was taken from the HMS Nancy’s hull in 1969. The piece of planking was given to John Robarts, former Premier of Ontario, as a gift after having attended the official opening of the Museum of the Upper Lakes, now known as Nancy Island Historic Site. A brass plaque mounted in the center of the artifact details the circumstances of the gift:


 “This planking from the Canadian Schooner Nancy
Was presented to
Prime Minister John Robarts
On the occasion of the opening of
The Museum of the Upper Lakes,
Nancy Island, Wasaga Beach, Ontario
May 28, 1969
In the last and final war
Two neighbouring and friendly nations
The Nancy was destroyed by fire
August 14, 1814”

The artifact was donated to the Nancy Museum by Mr. W. Darcy McKeough, a Member of Provincial Parliament from 1963 to 1978, and a Minister under Mr. Robarts. We are delighted to have this artifact on display for public viewing!

Remains of HMS Nancy

Remains of HMS Nancy

We also invite anyone who may have artifacts associated with the HMS Nancy to contact Nancy Island Historic Site if you would like to see these items placed on display in the museum for present and future generation of staff, volunteers, and visitors to enjoy! Email us at: nancyisland@wasagabeachpark.com

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