A Warm Welcome to Alida Lemieux!

The Friends are delighted to welcome Alida Lemieux to Wasaga Beach Provincial Park as the acting Natural Heritage Education (NHE) Coordinator.

Alida comes to Wasaga Beach from Murphys Point Provincial Park located near Perth, Ontario, where she is the Senior Park Interpreter. Having majored in Visual Arts and Drama, Alida is known for her informative and entertaining programs about fungi, snakes, and decomposition, as well as, her fictional school-teacher character, Miss Whitfield, who appears in spirit walks throughout the summer months.

Alida Lemieux, A/NHE Coordinator

Alida Lemieux, A/NHE Coordinator

Alida was recently awarded an Ontario Parks Outstanding Achievement Award for going above and beyond her role as a seasonal interpreter:

“The Friends of Murphys Point directors and volunteers have come to know Alida as a responsible, creative, talented, and thorough NHE employee. She has continually demonstrated a willingness to go above and beyond assigned tasks to present not only high-quality interpretive work, but to be an invaluable resource for the Friends.”

NHE Coordinators are responsible for managing all aspects of the NHE Program, such as: supervising and administrating staff, coordinating in-park research and monitoring projects, advertising and delivery of interpretive programs, as well as managing the visitor centre. Alida says that she is especially excited to see two Species at Risk that can be found in the Park: the Eastern Hog-nosed Snake and  Lake Sturgeon.

Welcome to Wasaga Beach Provincial Park, Alida!


To book an educational program or tour of NIHS, please contact Alida at (705) 429-2516.

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