Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

One of the Friends board members recently shared this short article with us and we thought it was a great message for us all on Earth Day.


We have all heard the saying “Oh that’s a walk in the park” signifying something that is relatively easy. By encouraging humans to take frequent walks in the park, we are helping them to maintain or increase their level of fitness and flexibility. Walking does not require any special equipment. It can be done in all kinds of weather, as an individual or in groups and by almost all age groups.

In addition to the physical and social benefits of walks in the park, there is also an increased awareness of the Nature around us. We share the space in the Parks with other species and it is to everyone’s benefit if we keep the air, water and plant life healthy.

Suggested Tips

  1. Turn off your engine. Idling wastes fossil fuel and pollutes the air.
  2. Bring your picnic and water in reusable containers that you can take home, reducing the amount of garbage.
  3. If you have recyclables, use the appropriate containers in the park.
  4. Gather a group of friends together or make it a family event to clean up a local park once per month.
  5. Car pool when possible to reduce the amount of traffic.
  6. Take advantage of the bike trails; they are good for you and the Environment

These are messages that are good for us to remember not only on Earth Day, but every day.

monarchs 2

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