Monthly Archives: August 2015

Wasaga Under Siege 2015 – Great Success THANKS to Community Support

The Friends of Nancy Island took on this year’s organization and running of Wasaga Under Siege as a result of much public interest and demand for the event to continue.  And we are pleased to say it was a great success. Thanks go to the many community sponsors, Ontario Parks and the Town of Wasaga […]

Thank You to 2015 Plover Sponsors

The Friends of Nancy Island and Wasaga Beach Park would like to say thank you to our new 2015 sponsors, who are helping support the Piping Plover Recovery Project at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park.  After 8 seasons, we have witnessed a grand total of 40 chicks fledge as a result of this project and our […]

The Invasion is Real…….

Phragmites australis (European Common Reed) is one of many plants threatening the health of wetlands and beaches across Ontario, including our very own Wasaga Beach Provincial Park. This reed creates a monoculture (one species growing densely in a large area). Phragmites depletes the soil of all its nutrients, and its roots secrete toxins that hinder […]

Plovers Grow Up So Fast!

Time has “flown” by since June 9th, when the first Piping Plover chick was hatched on our provincial park’s shores. In total, we had 9 fledged chicks, 8 nesting adults, and 6 visiting adults for a total of 23 endangered plovers at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park. Currently, all of the plovers have left our 14 […]