Thank You to 2015 Plover Sponsors

The Friends of Nancy Island and Wasaga Beach Park would like to say thank you to our new 2015 sponsors, who are helping support the Piping Plover Recovery Project at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park.  After 8 seasons, we have witnessed a grand total of 40 chicks fledge as a result of this project and our volunteer program.  With 73 breeding pairs of Piping Plovers in the Great Lakes region for 2015, Wasaga Beach Provincial Park is proud to add 9 more this past season.  Newcon Optik, Wasaga Beach Building Center, Foodland in Wasaga Beach and Enrique Photo Art all deserve recognition for helping us with this important accomplishment.

Newcon Optik logoNewcon Optik kindly donated binoculars to our program, which enabled our staff and team of dedicated volunteers to monitor and safe guard one of North America’s most endangered birds during their breeding season.

Castle Building Center logoWasaga Beach Building Center has provided sponsorship for our program which will aid in protecting the Piping Plover eggs and chicks through building a perimeter fence and predator exclosure.  Without fencing and other building materials, our success rates would likely plummet due to predation and human encroachment.

Foodland-Wasaga-LogoThank you to Foodland in Wasaga Beach for the donation of a delicious cake for our Guardian Appreciation Event on August 20th.  It was greatly appreciated that Mike and Cheri Dopp, owners of Foodland, helped us honor our volunteers and over 1,500 hours of donated time, with such an appetizing contribution.

Enrique Photo Art logoThank you Enrique Photo Art for donating a stunning photograph of our 2015 West nest chicks, beautifully mounted on a 4×6 card with an envelope.  Our volunteers spend countless hours watching over the chicks and adults during this critical time period and this contribution perfectly captures a summer worth of memories.  Thank you!

Patricia Davidson, Piping Plover Coordinator

Wasaga Beach Provincial Park and Friends of Nancy Island & Wasaga Beach Park

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