Volunteers Needed to Assist with Piping Plovers

The 2016 Piping Plover season has started off with a bang with a record total of 5 nests!  With the potential for 19 chicks, we are eagerly seeking new volunteers to help monitor the birds and to spread public awareness.  To RSVP regarding attending the Volunteer Orientation please contact Patricia Davidson at wasagaplover@gmail.com

  • Date: Thursday, May 26th
  • Time: 6:00pm
  • Location: Nancy Island Historic Site (119 Mosley Street)
PIPL Guardian Appreciation Event

Join the Volunteers who act as Plover Guardians


2016 Plover Update

After a successful 2015 season, the Piping Plovers have thankfully returned to Wasaga Beach in May 2016 for a ninth season at the park.  Within weeks of their anticipated return, volunteers observed a total of 16 adult plovers along the shoreline in Beach Area 1; 10 of which paired up to establish 5 new nests.  Of the 10 birds, 8 are returning Wasaga Beach alumni from previous years and 2 are newcomers to this particular nesting site.  The estimated hatch will take place mid-June (June 10th-23rd).


Photo by Neal Mutiger

One of our favorite plovers is an adult male who first made his public appearance at Wasaga Beach in 2012.  Referred to as the “Green Bandit” because of his two green bands on the bottom of each foot, this bird did not earn many fans this first year as he vigorously harassed an incubating female who had recently lost her mate.  However, upon his return to the park in 2013, Green Bandit” paired up with a single female and has since become a doting “father” of 11 chicks over the course of three years.   Green Bandit is now a favorite amongst our volunteers and we are excited to see his return in 2016.


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