B.C. Artist visits Wasaga’s Plovers


Rose Tanner observing the Piping Plovers at Wasaga

Last weekend, we had the exciting opportunity to meet with artist and photographer Rose Tanner from Victoria, British Columbia.   Rose’s lifelong love affair with nature is reflected on her canvases, which offer the viewer a window to nature as seen through the artist’s eyes.  The personality of each bird she paints is clearly communicated through the medium of oil on linen, as is the artist’s respect and love for flora, fauna and the environment.

Rose was inspired to fly to Wasaga Beach after learning about the Piping Plovers during a Google search and her timing could not have been more perfect as two nests hatched right before her eyes (and her camera).


Chicks Hatching at Nest # 1               Photo by Rose Tanner

During her visit, Rose was captivated by not only the Piping Plovers but also by the team of volunteers who have banded together to collectively protect this tiny, endangered shoreline.  This was Rose’s first encounter with Piping Plovers and we eagerly wait to see how her experience at Wasaga Beach is reflected on canvas.

To view her collection, please visit http://www.rosetanner.com

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