Local Students and TD Bank Help Plovers

The Piping Plover program at Wasaga received a helping hand from local students with their artwork promoting this endangered bird and its habitat along the shores of Wasaga Beach. A colouring contest was held in June for the grade five class of Birchview Dunes Elementary School. They created their own original “Closed Area” signs for the piping plover’s sanctuary. Six were chosen and, thanks to the funding provided by TD Friends of the Environment, they were turned into waterproof signs. The students were invited to “Ploverland” to see their work posted and participate in one of the exceptional piping plover programs provided by Park staff.

Birchview Dunes 2

Patricia Davidson and Birchview Dunes Students


Photo by Neal Mutinger


Thank you to the students of Birchview Dunes grade 5 class for their wonderful art and to our sponsor, TD Friends of the Environment, for their contribution. The project was coordinated by Patricia Davidson, the Piping Plover Co-ordinator for Wasaga Beach Provincial Park and the Friends of Nancy Island and Wasaga Beach Park.



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