Ploverpalooza Speaker Series starts Tuesday June 6th

Mark W.

Mark Wiercinski – “Better Living Through Birds”

The Piping Plover 10th anniversary events, entitled Ploverpalooza, are planned to celebrate the success of this endangered species in Wasaga Beach.  The first Speaker Series event starts Tuesday June 6th at 7 pm with a lively presentation by Mark Wiercinski, biologist and exceptional birder.  Mark likes birds a lot and says “Birding makes everything better – from the most common to the rarest, we have a great place to discover the joys of birding along the Georgian Bay shoreline”.

Mark Weircinski


The Speaker Series – Love Your Beach is being held every Tuesday evening during June at Nancy Island Historic Site.  Be sure to mark them on your calendar. Other Ploverpalooza events including a Waterfront Festival  (June 17th-18th) and Art Workshops (June 17th -20th), are scheduled to take place over the course of the summer.  For more information or


Wasaga Beach Provincial Park and Friends of Nancy Island have been spearheading the Piping Plover Recovery Program since the species returned to Wasaga Beach and subsequently established their first nest in 2008.  Considered to be one of North America’s most endangered birds, a stewardship program was established in order to provide protection to this tiny shorebird and to provide the public with the education they need to co-exist with the Piping Plover.  The program brings together the local community (e.g., local business, volunteers, youth, beach visitors, government organizations, etc) in both species and habitat stewardship.

Ploverpalooza Speaker Series Poster 2017 (Final)



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