New Book about HMS Nancy – ‘The Final Year’

It seems fitting that as we celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Nancy Island Historic Site a new book of historical fiction has been written about the story of HMS Nancy, Alexander Mackintosh, Miller Worsley and events of the War of 1812.

Author Walter Weckers has always had an interest in history, the conflicts and events – intentional and unintentional – that shaped the world, especially Europe and North America.


Author Walter Weckers

After a career as a business executive, Walter now resides in Wasaga Beach, near where the Nancy was scuttled in the Nottawasaga River, and Nancy Island was formed. Walter is a member of the Friends of Nancy Island, and of both the Wasaga Beach and Collingwood Writers Clubs. Walter says “the reason I chose to write this book was simply a convergence of my interest in history, the fact that a significant local event drew my attention, and that, once I started to write, the framework of the story permitted me to develop a fictional account that was true to known historic events.”

Walters interests include writing fiction, short stories, non-fiction essays, composing music, and sailing his sailboat on Georgian Bay.  The Final Year is his first novel.


HMS Nancy’s Last Stand by Peter Rindlisbacher

After the research for this book, he wonders if, one day, Georgian Bay may again be called Lake Manitoulin, just as Georgia Strait at Vancouver, BC has become the Salish Sea, and the Queen Charlotte Islands have been renamed Haida Gwaii.

The Friends of Nancy Island carry the book in the Treasure Chest gift store at Nancy Island Historic Site. Walter Weckers will be available during the Wasaga Under Siege event on August 18th and 19th to sign copies of ‘The Final Year’. The book is a great read and celebration of some of our little known, yet significant Canadian history.

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