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Ploverpalooza Speaker Series starts Tuesday June 6th

The Piping Plover 10th anniversary events, entitled Ploverpalooza, are planned to celebrate the success of this endangered species in Wasaga Beach.  The first Speaker Series event starts Tuesday June 6th at 7 pm with a lively presentation by Mark Wiercinski, biologist and exceptional birder.  Mark likes birds a lot and says “Birding makes everything better […]

Local Students and TD Bank Help Plovers

The Piping Plover program at Wasaga received a helping hand from local students with their artwork promoting this endangered bird and its habitat along the shores of Wasaga Beach. A colouring contest was held in June for the grade five class of Birchview Dunes Elementary School. They created their own original “Closed Area” signs for […]

Volunteers Needed to Assist with Piping Plovers

The 2016 Piping Plover season has started off with a bang with a record total of 5 nests!  With the potential for 19 chicks, we are eagerly seeking new volunteers to help monitor the birds and to spread public awareness.  To RSVP regarding attending the Volunteer Orientation please contact Patricia Davidson at Date: Thursday, […]

The Plovers are Back!

We are excited to announce that we have 14 adult Piping Plovers at Beach Area 1 with one official nest! After the first egg of the season was discovered on May 10th, the team at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park quickly responded by installing a perimeter fence around the nest to ensure the safety of the […]

Beach Stewardship in Action

On November 26th and 27th a number of local students and residents accepted Ontario Parks’ invitation to assist with dune restoration. This included beach grass planting and barrier fence installation in Beach Areas 1 and 2 of Wasaga Beach Provincial Park.  It was cool overcast weather but thanks to the students from Stayner Collegiate Institute […]

Learning about “Healthy Beaches”

On November 25th there was a huge turnout at a “Healthy Beaches” Speaker Series sponsored by Wasaga Beach Provincial Park. An estimated 60 people listened attentively to the following very informative talks: Marjorie Ridley, resident of Wasaga Beach showed photos and shared her experience of the changes in the beach over the past 6 decades. […]

Pulling for Plovers

Protecting plover habitat is an ongoing effort. Well after the last Piping Plover flew the coop for the Caribbean this fall, Wasaga Beach Provincial Park staff and Plover Guardians banded together to spruce up the plovers’ prime beachfront habitat. The stretch of Beach Area One nicknamed “Ploverland” – from Spruce Street east to the park […]

Keeping the Monarch on the Throne

To many inhabitants of Ontario, the Monarch is king of the butterflies! Its regal, black-and-orange wings wow butterfly watchers with their beauty, and warn would-be predators of their toxicity. Its staggering migration to Mexico humbles us and inspires awe. Despite its strengths though, the Monarch’s reign is wavering. Listed as a species of Special Concern […]