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Keeping the Monarch on the Throne

To many inhabitants of Ontario, the Monarch is king of the butterflies! Its regal, black-and-orange wings wow butterfly watchers with their beauty, and warn would-be predators of their toxicity. Its staggering migration to Mexico humbles us and inspires awe. Despite its strengths though, the Monarch’s reign is wavering. Listed as a species of Special Concern […]

HMS Nancy Hull Conservation Underway

Nancy Island is the most relevant site to the War of 1812 in Simcoe County and the Georgian Bay region. It is home to the charred hull of the HMS Nancy – a British supply schooner pressed into naval service during the War of 1812. After a gallant defense, the HMS Nancy sunk in the […]

Spring has Sprung: Bird Edition

Despite its late start, spring is well underway as evidenced by the snow melting, flowers growing, and Wood Frogs quacking. One of our favourite signs that spring has sprung is the return of migratory birds to Wasaga Beach Provincial Park! The return of migratory birds from their wintering locations signals the presence of spring and […]

Piping Plover Program Wins Two Awards

The Wasaga Beach Piping Plover Program is a compelling story of a small shore bird that is struggling to survive. Prior to 2005 Piping Plovers had not successfully nested on the Canadian Great Lakes for over 30 years, and had not had breeding success at Wasaga Beach in over 70 years.  The 2013 season was […]

It Takes a Village to Raise a Plover

The 2013 Piping Plover breeding season at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park was highly successful.  Throughout the field season, a total of six adult Piping Plovers were identified on the shores of Wasaga Beach.  After pair bonds were established, a total of two nests were confirmed in Beach Area One.  Each nest contained four, small eggs.  […]

1812 Re-enactors & Tall Ships Attract Thousands

Over the past decade, Nancy Island has hosted Wasaga under Siege, a War of 1812 re-enactment featuring a living history encampment that is open to the public. This three-day-long event commemorates the rich history of Wasaga Beach, specifically the battle that took place here 199 years ago between the British, Aboriginal peoples, and Americans. This […]