Welcome to the new Friends of Nancy Island & Wasaga Beach Park blog! The Friends are dedicated individuals who care about, preserve, and promote educational and interpretive programs of Nancy Island Historic Site and Wasaga Beach Provincial Park. These sites are priceless natural and cultural heritage resources that offer pleasure and learning in the midst of Ontario’s busiest resort community.

We hope you will check the blog regularly to learn more about these natural and cultural resources, about the activities of the Friends, and upcoming events and programs. If you would like to follow the blog, enter your email address and click “Follow”  to receive notifications of new posts.

To learn more about the Friends you can also check our website at www.wasagabeachpark.com

Happy reading!

Friends of nancy island


  1. Steve Collie · · Reply

    Use to be a member many years ago.
    What is membership cost and how often do you meet.

    1. Hi Steve – unfortunately I think your comment got missed when you submitted it in July. Sorry about that. Our membership fees are $10 for individual and $15 for family. Membership form and info are on the Friends home page of the website – http://www.wasagabeachpark.com
      The elected board of the Friends meet 6 times per year, there is one AGM in June that all members are invited to and a few membership opportunities to assist with Friends projects throughout the year.
      We would love to have you on board as a member again if you are interested. Thanks.

  2. sandra church · · Reply

    It’s May 4, 2016. Have Plovers returned?

    1. A number of plovers have been seen in the area but no nests established yet.

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